with Eleonora Finotto, Marco Mezzavilla


Kiik is an installation consisting of two swings, a computer, and a pair of speakers.
A vertical compartment attached to the seat of the swing contains an RFID tag with a link to the Kiik app. After installing the app onto your smartphone, you sit on a swing and place your phone in the compartment. As you swing, the system uses the phone’s inbuilt accelerometer to measure the peaks of each oscillation, and broadcasts corresponding sounds from nearby speakers.
With a person on each swing the sounds become reverberant but, if their swinging is not in sync, discordant. Only when the peaks coincide do the sounds harmonise.

This project was made for the Interaction Design Lab 2 taught by Philip Tabor and Gillian Crampton Smith at Iuav University of Venice.

For this project I designed the logo and I did most of the code for the app and the server-side scripts.

How it works (click to see the full image)

Click to see how Kiik Works


To make the system work we had to read accelerometer values from the phone, send them to the computer, recognize peaks and the sync between the swings, and convert this data into music.


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