with Chiara Contrino, Federica Di Leo, Mariasole Piva

Venice would not be Venice without its narrow calli (streets), wide campi (squares) and swarms of tourists all year round. What makes it unique, however, can also be a limitation for those who live in the city – for a short or a long term – and suffer from a spatial phobia: agoraphobia (fear of wide spaces), claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) and enochlophobia (fear of crowds).

Fearless is our solution to the problem: a smartphone application that allows such people to improve their relationship with space and to interact with the city without any limitation. Its approach is experimental, not curative, and is based on progressive desensitization: during the therapy, phases of relaxation are alternated with videos and sounds that bring users in contact with their fears, staying at home or outdoors.

This project was made for the Interaction Design Lab 1 taught by Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor at Iuav University of Venice.



Fearless can be customized based on the type and level of fear. The user, by answering questions, gives an evaluation on a scale from 0 to 10 of its state of anxiety in particular situations. The application calibrates the therapy based on the perceived values​​, by adapting the routes. Gradually, if the user responds to the therapy positively, the application will increase the difficulty.


Thanks to Fearless, the user can choose whether to avoid or combat the phobia.
The AVOID function allows the user to avoid certain places and situations. After choosing a destination, the application will propose the user a route that avoids, as much as possible, places or situations he is afraid of. The FIGHT function allows the user to fight and slowly overcome his fears, using the method of progressive desensitization, which reflects the method of treatment used by psychotherapists. The user can overcome the own phobia and improve its relationship with the city exercising from home (FIGHT> STAY), thanks to video in real fear, but also out of the house (FIGHT> GO), when he feels ready, following the paths proposed application updated in real time.

More information on the project at the Iuav Ixd website
Full interactions flowchart (pdf)